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Magnetic Cribbage Boards!!

We're super excited not only to introduce our new magnetic cribbage boards but also to be the people to have INVENTED this amazing product!!

We have two different types of magnetic cribbage boards to offer. One of them is the regular size with normal holes on top for your pegs BUT it features a size storage area with magnets within to hold your pegs in place when you're not playing! Our other board is the End Table size. This cribbage board is much larger and built with legs to be a permanent end/feature table. The top of this board is much more unique though! This top does NOT have normal peg holes but rather magnetic circles that hold your metal pegs in their designated spot. This prevents any food/drinks/dirt or any other life things from getting inside and blocking the small holes. This board also features a side magnetic storage area to ensure you never loose your pegs!

This End Table Cribbage Board is meant for those avid gamers! Never struggle with where to set your cards or drink again while playing! This helps you have everything together each time you sit down!

Reach out now for your custom cribbage board! We can custom make either size for you!


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